The Princess's Diaries

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Summer of Love

The summer of 2007 looks to be a summer thoroughly punctuated with the pealing of bells, the smooching of kisses and the swish of crisp new suits. What a wedding season it's going to be!

Today the THIRD couple in my church announced their engagement (which is a lot in one year given that there are around fifteen core people in the church!) and it is a wonderful and beautiful thing.
So congratulations to John and Roxy, Gavin and Lucie and Mark and Liz!

Furthermore my dearest friend and my other dear friend and also my lovely cousin are getting married this summer!
Congrats to Tim and Harriet, David and Frances and Keith and Cathy!

HOW many outfits will I need to buy? Perhaps all us ladies should buy one new frock and then circulate them for each occassion...

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Return to the Dance Floor

Need to tone your calf muscles in a hurry? I suggest doing the basic Cha Cha step for 45 minutes solid. It canes.

Despite the utter basicness of tonight's ballroom dancing lesson, it was so much fun!! I have the joy!! It's the first time I've ballroomed for ages and it feels good! The teachers seem lovely and so do the rest of the class. And I danced with this really nice chap called Steve (probably the only guy in the room under 50) - we giggled so much and he's actually a good dancer (although a beginner). I've enquired about intermediate classes but whatever, I'm definitely going to go back. My calves will be trim in no time.

P.s. This is not a picture of us. But we did do this step (with slightly less flourish). It's a New York.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Day!

Who can describe the deliciousness of a Snow Day? I think Bart Simpson made a good attempt once. It's the excitement of pulling back the curtain to see that yes, indeed, the whole street is covered in several inches of snow...the feeling of anticipation as you wait, snuggled up in a warm bed, for the radio to tell you that your school is closed and you don't have to get up at all...and going back to sleep, knowing that when you wake up you can run outside and play!

I think I spent the entire day with a childlike giggle bubbling just beneath the surface, the kind that sets your cheeks into a permanent grin. My first task of the day was to make a little snowman with a funny face in my back garden, in view of the backdoor. I was sort of hoping he might come to life, but it's not Christmas so i guess it was unlikely.

After lunch it was time to go sledging with other excited people who had the day off work - we went up to Pope's Meadow. The views across a snow-covered Luton were stunning, and it was great to be surrounded by loads of people having lots of fun :)