The Princess's Diaries

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Me, My Future and Forever

July is fast approaching, and with it Summer Camp, the annual grand finale of the LCET year. This means my time with this incredible team of people doing incredible things is coming to an end. Whilst delighting in (almost!) every moment since September, I spent a lot of time in confusion about my direction; it was like the path ahead of me was obscured by mist...or, I could see lots of potential paths, but I couldn't see where any might lead to, or which were dead ends, and I didn't know which I wanted to take. But now I look back over the year with joy and fascination because I can trace the path God has drawn me along so clearly. One of the most beautiful moments of the last few weeks was a sudden realisation that I wanted to train as a teacher - really wanted to, for its own sake, not just because it made me feel secure to have a plan. In that moment came the joy of knowing God was really blessing me, that his plans for me matched up with my own desires. (I think I had feared that they would not.)

Next year, the factual expectations:
- Work part-time, probably at Wigmore Library
- Apply for PGCE/other means of teacher training for 2008
- Do Barnfield's course in teaching adults

Things that next year will mean for me:
- Hopefully moving out of the family home and into somewhere else in Luton: bliss; the opportunity to be more myself than ever, I hope
- The stability of a regular income
- Investing in my church community and relationships on a deeper level than before
- Time to be artistic, to explore my interest in art and art theory

It feels good to know.