The Princess's Diaries

Thursday, April 27, 2006


First flip-flop day of the year! Lovin it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sundays in Springtime

Sunday is my absolute favourite day of the week :D

Despite having had only 3.5 hours of sleep (dissertation had to get finished!) i was still proper bright as a daisy (is that even a phrase?) this morning, raring to go with my OHP duties at church! (King's is on the verge of becoming one of those well-equipped churches with a projector but until then we gotta do the whole stand-at-the-front-moving-the-acetate-up to see the words for worship. It's a very blessed job!) I was lovin Jesus so much today. From the front i look around church a bit and see people just loungin, and i can't understand why they look bored or whatever cos God is so good!

Afterwards a load of us went up to Williamson Park, which is a beautiful park on an incredibly high hill at the edge of Lancaster, where we had a picnic and played cricket and frisbee and such, with a beautiful, clear view of Lancaster and the surrounding area stretchin out below us. I love springtime, especially on Sundays :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I somehow managed to leave my key behind in Luton when i departed for Lancaster silly?! With housemates not returning for another week and the housing office closed until tomorrow, I am currently thoroughly locked out of my house. It's a situation I'm really not comfortable with. It doesn't help that I have awful stomach cramps and I just want to curl up in bed with my pig-shaped hot water bottle. Actually, that's probably the only reason I'm desperate to get home - if i didn't feel so bad it would be quite an adventure really. An adventure involving sitting in the university library writing my dissertation. Hmm...exciting. Luckily i have a wonderful friend called Danielle who I can stay with, so i shouldn't be whinging really!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lancaster Daffodils

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm in the Mood...For Dancing - What Else?

la la la laa-aaa, la la laa

how tuneful!

Just got back from the mammoth round trip that is going to Preston (13 minute train journey, but you have to wait 40 minutes for it!)...cos i went to see...Simply Ballroom!! This was a ballroom and latin stage spectacular choerographed by Anton du Beke and Erin Boag (professionals on Strictly Come Dancing) It was awesome! I've never seen so many pairs of legs move so quickly at the same time! That Cha Cha was faster than even Riverdance, trust me! And the sparkly should've seen 'em sparkle!

Anyhoos, I'm v happy cos i've got some of my own lovely dresses. When taking much-needed breaks from dissertating i've been thinking about what to wear in the upcoming competitions. Sorted now! Not sparkly, but then sparkles always draw much attention and i'm not sure my dancing deserves it! For latin i recently acquired a black-with-little-white-polka-dots mini skirt (in the kind of jersey fabric that spins out and flaps about when you dance) which exactly matches a top i already have so i'm gonna sew them together (otherwise you get that icky bare lovehandles look as your top rides up). And since i had time in my mammothly long trip to Preston today i popped into TKMaxx and found a really lovely dress for a mere 25 squids so i nabbed it quick! It's a sort of pale beige/nude colour - a little unconventional but i'm bored of black and my dance shoes go with it nicely - they look like they're meant to be that dark! Just have to test it out with Greg to see if his leg can go between mine - had that problem with a different skirt i tried, there wasn't enough fabric.

That's enough about dresses. Let's hope the dancing impresses as much!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hobbits and Lions and Little Easter Chickens

Currently living all-a-lonesome in Lancaster, but I'm loving it :) I'm here to do my dissertation and it's going quite nicely. I expect the stress and panic to set in around this time next week, so i'm enjoying the peace while it lasts! The boys are both with their families for the holidays which gives me free run and reign of the house. Naturally, it's spotless and the heating is never left on at rediculous times.

On Saturday we had Community Cinemas at our church showing The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe on a big (enormous!) screen, with hotdogs and everything, as an evangelistic event. I think it went really well and i enjoyed the film more than when i saw it the first time (despite all the little ones running around constantly - it was just like church normally so i didn't really notice them!) I fixed up my own Aslan specially for the occassion. He's been living in my church since July and has been loved so much that his fur was falling off and most of his mane gets re-strewn around the church every week. Now he looks much more stately and brave again. Not sure what i'll eventually do with him. I still don't want to end up putting him in a skip.

Last night I had neighbourhood prayer group in which we made Easter cards for the street. It was so lovely to sit around with tea and cake and crafts and get to know each other better - normally it's: go in, pray ferociously (or as ferociously as possible) for an hour, share communion, leave...which is exactly right, but it was still nice to invest in the street and each other in a more gentle way too!

Also i'm reading The Hobbit - i've started it so many times and never finished, but i will this time. This copy has beautiful pictures!