The Princess's Diaries

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dot dot dot...

There have been a lot of things going on worthy of a blog-mention, but many of those stories will have to go untold because of the lack of spare time i'm experiencing lately!

Still, only One Week to go before The End: the degree show...

The private view evening (the opening of the show, with wine and posh frocks and VIPs and such) is at 6pm on Monday 19th June. Anyone who'd like to come is more than welcome, just get in touch with me for more details. You'll get to experience some top-quality art and buy it at a price much cheaper than we'll be charging in five years' time!

You can also visit (try saying that out loud!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

My 22nd Birthday Part 2

I fully recommend celebrating one's birthday on the day before the actual date; this way, it feels like you have two birthdays in a row.

Today, after having a bit of a stressful time with my art work in the department, i had a lovely afternoon cup of tea in the sunshine with my new friend Jristos (who seems to think he can take me on a bike ride up the canal next Sunday, but i'm highly doubtful myself). Later we had a ballroom dancing sociaety workshop on Rock n Roll, and my freind Lisa came too, and it was one of the most awesome things ever!! Rock n Roll is one of my favouritest dances - we did bunny hops and lifts and spinny-on-the-floor-hurt-your-butt moves and in the two-hour session we probably burned about a million calories each and sweated absolute buckets. So then of course Lisa and I had to go and sit on the grass with drink or two and some fish and chips to get our strength back and enjoy the last of my lovely fifth of June warmth...then we moved to the bar where we showed of some of our newly acquired Rock n Roll moves (included both us us hurting ourself on sofas)! Arrived home to find a pile of post just for meee! Wot larx were had by all!

A picture in honour of Harriet

My 22nd Birthday Part 1

Heehee! My 22nd birthday celebrations have so far been quite similar to my 21st birthday celebrations! Last year's Sunday afternoon barbecue was so much fun that i decided to have another one! I always love occassions when my friends from different circles can be in the same place - friends from church and cell and art and my housemates all together :D Last year i was blessed with a lot more sunshine but today was still very warm and we spent most of the day outside. I really have had such a lovely day, and it went remarkably smoothly considering I've had no time to plan or organise it given my current workload - although i think the smooth running is largely thanks to Phoebe, Lizzy, Anna, Nath, Luke, Joe and Pete pushing me out of the kitchen and getting on with preparing the food themselves!

After eating way too much food, and being subjected to Sotirios's Sunday Night Lonsdale Quiz (he wrote the quiz for tonight's social in our college bar) we eventually headed over to the park across from my house where we played frisbee ( i actually played this year!) and where i rode Luke's bike and realised how funny it is when you try to do so after not having ridden for years, and where i discovered the perfect car park for using my birthday roller blades which i will purchase soon. We watched the sunset at around 930 and then it was a bit cold so we went back inside to watch The Godfather. I've had a fab day *grins sleepily* amd now i'm off to bed so i can wake up on my birthday and have another great day :)