The Princess's Diaries

Monday, February 20, 2006


We've had a good few days in Lancaster this year which have been sunny...and today it finally decided to be warm, too! Hurrah! The yellow crocuses are out all over town and everything is beautiful and I love dancing and cell is fab and God's helping me out with my dissertation...aahhh *relaxes into a new-found state of chilled productivity*

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Just a few tentalising snippets about life in the Land of Rain...

Fusion Cells
I refer you back to the post entitled Revival Starts in County Main (October 05)...I don't think i can fully express my excitement about cell this year! Four of the original nine freshers we met on the corridor in County College became committed to cell, and they were (are!) proper awesome - they love Jesus, love their friends, and they're bold and shiny and never shut up about Jesus! We multiplied our first cell early on, and the cell i currently lead is, with 12 members, on the verge of multiplying again. They say it's not about numbers but i love to multiply cells because then you physically have greater power and a wider influence to push out the boundaries of God's Kingdom. And I love new Christians! They are so honest and simple.

County College has indeed become the focus of our activity in cell - God has clearly shown it to be the place he has his hand over right now. We've been prayer walking and we've just started a modified Alpha Course (in length of time rather than content i hasten to add - we only have 6 weeks of term left) - the first session was today. Most of the guests are from County. Hopefully we'll soon be setting up a 24/7 prayer room in County too. We have such a high expectation for fruit this year and for the coming years. It's really happening! God is awesome isn't he?

Leeds/Keele Dance Competition

The gorgeous Stevie and Claire

We did so well!! Our dancers looked stunning and danced beautifully and we're all very proud of each other! All of our couples were called back for further rounds at least once, and several got through to finals, and most excitingly, we came second in the team match - almost winning the match but being beaten in the last dance by one of Manchester's best couples (although we became friends with them at the last comp so we were glad it was them!) Unfortunately i didn't compete since it was a little too soon after changing dance partners and i didn't feel ready (but i'm definitely up for the Spring Manchester Comp and Roses.) However we all had a really fab time - although the atmosphere wasn't as electric as manchester, it was generally more low-key with fewer scarily serious and determined dancers and more people just dancing for the joy of it. It was difficult watching people dance all day without being able to get out there myself, but this was remedied as soon as we returned to lancaster with a night out clubbing! I don't know where we got the energy from!

Secret Place
My art installation is currently like this:

It has been described by some (silly :P) people as a cross between a sexy boudoir and padded cell. But if you spend time sitting in the space it is utterly wonderful (though i say so myself). Since it is padded identically all over you can sprawl around in any direction, lie on the floor, lean on the walls and it all feels so comfortable! The style of padding/upholstery makes it very tactile; not just touchable but almost grab-able (like a man's muscly chest :o !) With the door locked it's a dark, secret, quiet place (all that padding really muffles the sound) and i go there to be with Jesus when i need some time out at uni.

Art Degree Show
We're still fundraising and it's going pretty well. A couple of weeks ago we held a live music night at a nightclub in town, and i somehow ended up organising a lot of it despite having virtually no experience of such things (but then none of us did). It was hugely stressful but the night itself was fantastic and we raised a whole bunch of cash. One of the best comments was "It doesn't feel like a fundraiser, it feels like a proper live music event." I can't quite believe we pulled it off!